Forum: Property agencies accountable for managing their agents

We refer to Ms Angela Xu's letter, "No help in contacting missing property agent" (May 7).

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) requires all property agencies to be accountable for the management of their property agents.

Property agencies have a duty to supervise their agents to ensure that they comply with current regulations when facilitating property transactions and conduct their work professionally, in the interest of their clients.

Should an agent be unable to render services to his client, the property agency should assign another agent to take over his duties to continue servicing the client.

CEA has reached out to the property agency of Ms Xu's landlord's agent and instructed the agency to address the issues which Ms Xu experienced when her landlord's agent was uncontactable.

We understand that another agent has already been in touch with Ms Xu and is assisting her with her issues.

Chan Kwok Cheong

Director, Investigation and Inspection

Council for Estate Agencies

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