Forum: Preserve quarry's untamed beauty

Tampines Quarry is a former sand quarry near Bedok Reservoir that should be preserved. Verdant forest has covered the grounds since the site was left disused around the 1980s to 1990s. It is one of the few places left untouched by urbanisation for the time being.

Recently, I noticed that the area outside the quarry along Tampines Industrial Avenue 1 has been fenced up. I started wondering if the fence signals imminent redevelopment of the area.

If there is redevelopment, I hope that Tampines Quarry and its surrounding forest will be preserved.

Amid towering flats and bustling road traffic, the quarry offers a tranquil refuge for those trekking in the area or lounging by its clear sunlit waters.

I also hope that the quarry's untamed beauty will be preserved - the hilly terrain, lush undergrowth and rocky paths. Perhaps trails in the quarry could be designed for more adventurous or advanced hikers.

Singapore, a "city in a garden", has plenty of meticulously manicured gardens. Areas such as Tampines Quarry are valuable as they offer a slice of the wild right here within our borders.

Liu Lijia

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