Forum: Preparation for retirement is personal responsibility

Mr Sherman Goh Keng Hwee articulated some relevant aspects of retirement, and his suggestion for a national body to prepare people for retirement is a novel idea (Set up national body to prepare people for retirement, Feb 19).

However, as a retiree, I feel that preparation for retirement should be a personal responsibility.

It is a phase of life which is inevitable, and one has many years to prepare for it, if one starts planning early.

Careful, thorough and purposeful planning is critical for a happy, fulfilling and rewarding retirement.

We can start by believing that life is a journey, and retirement is part of this journey.

Ultimately, it boils down to mental preparedness, notwithstanding the importance of financial adequacy, although many well-heeled people are afraid to retire for fear of losing power, status, connections, recognition, relevance and a sense of self-worth.

Some people see retirement as the end of life, an undesirable phase, one which is unknown and devoid of a regime and routine they have been accustomed to for many years.

They fear that there may not be enough activities to fill the day, resulting in a boring, restless and meaningless existence.

On the contrary, retirement is the golden chapter of one's life, free from the shackles of working life, with the power and control to pursue one's interests and fulfil one's bucket list, at one's own pace.

So a correct mindset and adequate mental planning will banish the fear of retirement and ensure a rewarding retirement - an entitlement and privilege which is earned and should not be forgone or squandered.

Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan

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