Forum: Postpone works at East Coast Lagoon Food Village till next year

East Coast Lagoon Food Village is arguably one of the most crowded food centres in Singapore during weekends and the school holidays.

Not only is the carpark full, but the foodcourt is also sardine-packed with diners, who happily flock to this convenient place for dinner after a picnic or walk at East Coast Park.

I was, therefore, shocked to see a banner notifying visitors of an impending shutdown of the foodcourt from next Monday to Feb 1 next year.

This is ill-conceived, as this is the time of the year when parents gladly take their children to the lagoon area during the school holidays.

As it is, no overseas trip is available this year and now, not to have this food haven takes away one additional popular recreation option.

Moreover, the hawkers there have been hit hard by revenue loss due to Covid-19 measures implemented earlier in the year. This would have been a golden opportunity for them to recoup some losses.

I hope the National Environment Agency will consider postponing the project until next year.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip