Forum: Positive aspects of taking on CCA responsibilities for teachers

We thank Mr Peter See for his suggestion on managing teachers' workload (Remove CCA responsibilities from teachers' workload, Sept 15).

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) are integral to our students' holistic education, and are platforms where teachers can help to develop students' character as well as impart values and 21st-century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

Being involved in CCAs also gives teachers the opportunity to bond with students outside of classroom settings, which contributes to their overall effectiveness as teachers.

Schools typically engage external instructors for many of their CCAs. Teachers' involvement in CCAs is pivotal in ensuring the well-being and safety of students during CCAs.

As teachers-in-charge, they check in on students' well-being and provide timely assistance for those who require help.

We will continue to work with school leaders to ensure our teachers are supported in managing their workload, and in the allocation of CCA responsibilities.

Eugenia Lim

Divisional Director, Student Development Curriculum Division 2

Ministry of Education

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