Forum: Pool water tested five times a day to ensure safety

We thank Mr Vasudivan Sunappan for observing and advocating good pool hygiene practices at ActiveSG swimming pools (Enforce hygiene rules at pool complexes, Jan 29).

We provide a number of outdoor shower faucets located next to our pools for users to shower before entering the pool.

We also place signs around the swimming complex to remind users to practise good hygiene habits in the pools.

While the education process of acceptable swimming habits is ongoing, there are some instances of errant users who engage in unhygienic behaviours.

Our ActiveSG staff will continue to look out for such users to guide them to observe hygienic practices.

We would also like to share that our pool water is tested five times each day to ensure it is safe for our members to swim.

It is a collective social responsibility, and we hope everyone shares Mr Vasudivan's view to keep our ActiveSG pools clean and safe.

S. Parameswaran

Deputy Director, Public Relations

Sport Singapore