Forum: Polyclinic doctor not aware patient needed additional supply of medication

We refer to Mr Dennis Soh Lum Teng's letter (Why one month's supply of medication instead of usual six?, Nov 30).

Mr Soh was seen at our polyclinic on Nov 27 after returning from overseas. During the consultation, he had requested medication to treat his condition. After taking a history and examining the patient, our doctor prescribed medication as requested by Mr Soh. These included between two and four weeks of oral medication, as well as creams and lotion.

During the visit, the doctor was not aware that Mr Soh required additional medication due to his upcoming travels. We have since reached out to Mr Soh to assist him with his medication supply. We have also informed him that most of the medication can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy without the need for a doctor's prescription, and he can visit any pharmacy to buy them.

We are grateful for the opportunity to clarify these issues and we wish Mr Soh the best of health.

Kwek Sing Cheer (Dr)


Bukit Batok Polyclinic