Forum: Police will review spam reporting under I-Witness

Mr Cheong Tuck Kuan suggested making it easier for members of the public to report spam messages, such as through a single number (Make it easier to report spam SMSes, Feb 18).

As unsolicited spam messages may be sent by a range of entities, and for different purposes, there are different platforms for members of the public to report them so that the appropriate follow-up actions may be taken.

For spam marketing messages that are not crime-related, members of the public should directly contact the company concerned to ask to be removed from their marketing list.

Those who do not wish to receive telemarketing messages can also register their Singapore telephone numbers with the Personal Data Protection Commission's Do Not Call Registry, and turn on the anti-spam features on their mobile devices.

Suspected scam calls and messages can be reported via the in-app reporting function of ScamShield, a mobile app which filters out scam messages and blocks unsolicited calls from scam-tainted phone numbers.

The information will then be forwarded by the National Crime Prevention Council to the Anti-Scam Centre for follow-up actions.

Information on spam messages related to criminal activity such as scams or unlicensed moneylending messages can also be shared via the I-Witness online portal (

We will review how we can simplify the reporting under I-Witness.

Brenda Ong (Superintendent)

Assistant Director, Public Communications Division

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police Force

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