Forum: Playing loud music? Spare a thought for fellow commuters

Recently, I had the unpleasant experience of listening to loud music, albeit unwillingly, on public transport.

On a bus ride home, I was rudely disturbed by a middle-aged man playing his games at full volume.

As it was evening, there were a few people resting their eyes, but the loud sounds from his phone jolted them awake. Despite everyone staring at him, he was oblivious to how he was being a nuisance.

Even after I told him to lower the volume, he just asked me in Mandarin if there was any rule against playing loud music in public and told me to go away.

In another instance, I found an elderly man playing Chinese opera at full volume.

Many commuters seemed unwilling to tell him to lower the volume, so the blaring sound persisted for the entire duration of the bus ride.

One may argue that we could put on earphones to block the noise, but from personal experience, not even noise-cancelling ear buds are enough. This has happened on countless occasions, and with each passing incident, I grow more and more frustrated.

Such loud music does not affect just the commuters, but also the bus drivers' concentration.

I understand that there isn't a rule against such actions, but I appeal to the simple decency and consideration that I believe all humans should have.

For the sake of all commuters and bus drivers, I appeal to the public that should they want to watch videos or TikTok clips, play games or perform any other action that involves playing sound in an enclosed space, please use earphones or simply wait until you are off the bus.

Austin Seah

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