Forum: Plastic bag charge is a key step towards acknowledging polluting impact

I refer to Mr Too Kah Sam's letter, "Demand will not be affected by plastic bag charge" (Jan 31).

If the proposed cost of between five and 10 cents per bag is insufficient to change demand, perhaps the solution should be to levy a higher charge, instead of scrapping the plan altogether.

Even if the plastic bag charge does not reduce actual demand for plastic bags, it should still be implemented as it is an important first step towards acknowledging the polluting effects of plastic bag use.

A key problem is that the cost of pollution and its associated environmental impact are not currently reflected in the prices of the goods we buy.

We are effectively borrowing from future generations, who will suffer from a degraded environment.

Imposing a charge on plastic bags is a significant step towards starting to account for these negative externalities.

That being said, I agree with Mr Too that the proposed charge is akin to a green tax, and so the proceeds should go to the Government to fund Singapore's environmental efforts.

Jerome Tan Jun Wei

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