Forum: Piecemeal method of fixing potholes and defects

With the recent increase in potholes (Sharp rise in number of potholes, Jan 16), I made an effort to compile a list of where the potholes and road defects are specifically located at, to report to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for its follow-up.

While some potholes were filled by the following day, quite a number of them and road defects are still there after a week.

Additionally, when LTA does repairs, they are piecemeal in nature - if there is an unreported road defect within 100m of the reported one, no action is taken to repair it.

It is only natural that motorists in Singapore, a First World country, expect to have roads that are smooth and defect-free.

More importantly, the safety of motorists is compromised if these defects are left unattended.

I urge LTA to get these defects fixed soonest.

Lee Yong Se

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