Forum: Pedestrian safety a consideration when installing drain railings

We thank Mr Gopinath Menon for his feedback (Have railings for open drains to protect pedestrians when flooding occurs, Sept 7).

Under PUB's Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage, railings must be installed at all open drains with a depth of more than 1m.

In addition, we regularly review the need to install railings at locations with high pedestrian traffic or within flood-prone areas, even if the existing open drains there are less than 1m in depth.

Examples of such locations include Marigold Drive, Zion Road and Lorong Buangkok.

PUB also considers public feedback and will install railings where feasible to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

When reconstructing open roadside drains as part of our ongoing work to upgrade Singapore's drainage infrastructure, PUB converts them into covered drains - which also double as footpaths - to optimise land use.

To facilitate maintenance access for covered drains, metal gratings or covers are installed along footpaths. These are fastened securely and are unlikely to be dislodged during flooding.

PUB will continue to review drain railing installations at different locations to enhance pedestrians' safety.

Yeo Keng Soon

Director, Catchment and Waterways Department

PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency