Forum: Pavements too narrow to be shared by pedestrians and cyclists

I have been cycling for almost 20 years on the park connector network or on the road.

Recently, I bought a small foldable bike more suitable for exploring Singapore's many beautiful parks.

Last Thursday, I cycled to the wetland in Lorong Halus.

Since I was on a small bike, I did not want to go on the road to avoid obstructing traffic. So I cycled along the pavements/footpaths beside the roads, and made the following observations.

First, all the pavements are quite narrow, making it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to share them.

Second, many cyclists, even those on big bikes, are using the pavements instead of the roads as it is safer to do so.

More people have changed their commuting habits and taken up cycling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If the authorities want to encourage people to cycle instead of driving, they need to do something about the narrow footpaths.

I suggest that all pavements and footpaths be widened to at least 2m.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to construct special bike lanes on our roads. I feel that simply widening all the footpaths is good enough, and is safer for cyclists too.

There are a lot of benefits for our health and environment if people can move away from driving and instead use bicycles to get to their destinations.

Unfortunately, Singapore's current infrastructure is not conducive to that.

Alia Gan PengPeng