Forum: Patrons need to do their part to keep libraries a learning space for all

We thank Mr Christony Lau and Ms Ee Buay Sang for their feedback (Let library users report misbehaviour, Aug 19; and Children treated library like a playground, Aug 24).

We share our patrons' interest in ensuring that our public libraries provide a conducive reading and learning environment for all.

We make regular library etiquette announcements reminding patrons, and conduct regular checks at our libraries to ensure the environment remains conducive for patrons.

However, libraries are also a shared social space for the benefit of all members of our community, and we seek our patrons' continued partnership and cooperation in exercising consideration for one another.

This includes keeping noise levels down, putting books back on their shelves and sharing facilities like study tables with one another.

We agree with Ms Ee's feedback and encourage parents to closely supervise their children at our libraries while educating them on library etiquette. We have a shared responsibility to keep our public libraries an enjoyable community space for all.

We appreciate Mr Lau's feedback as well, and will keep his suggestion in mind as the National Library Board continues to look at ways to better serve patrons and support their learning needs.

Catherine Lau

Assistant Chief Executive (Archives and Libraries Group)

National Library Board

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