Forum: Parking offence notice issued after 9 weeks, extra offence added later

I was given a parking offence notice by the Housing Board several weeks after the alleged incident.

I appealed and asked for clarification because nine weeks had passed, and I could not recall if I had extended the parking duration.

To my surprise, I then received a reply through e-mail last Thursday from an HDB senior estate manager to say that I had also committed a "traffic offence" in the carpark - by crossing a double white line at a box junction. There is no box junction in the carpark.

This e-mail reply instructed me to pay for this additional offence by the due date in the original notice, Nov 21.

My request for the original offence to be looked into, because of the time lapse, surely was not unreasonable.

But to have the offence notice altered with an additional offence without any explanation is bewildering and frustrating.

I hope there is a means to resolve this issue without having to seek legal recourse.

Peter Khaw

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