Forum: Owners should have to prove that they were living in flat during minimum occupation period

One possible solution to the issue of Housing Board flat owners not living in their flat during the minimum occupation period before putting it on sale (HDB probing cases of BTO flats listed for sale after being left ‘vacant’, Dec 23, 2022) is to require those who own both an HDB flat and a private property to prove that they were living in the HDB flat.

Those owners should have to register the HDB flat as the address for them and the family members living with them. This would mean that letters from the authorities would be sent to that flat and not to the private property. The hassle of having to regularly pick up the mail would discourage the owner from living in the private property.

If someone is suspected of not living in his HDB flat after registering it as his official address, he should be required to prove his residence using the utility bills over the disputed period of time.

And if evidence is found of the HDB flat being left unoccupied, the authorities should exercise the option of requiring the owner to surrender the flat to HDB.

Woo Mi-En

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