Forum: Overly broad measures not needed in response to latest Covid-19 outbreaks

I cannot agree more with Straits Times senior health correspondent Salma Khalik's well-reasoned position, especially when she writes that "the whole nation cannot live in a constant state of tightened measures to protect a group of people who refuse to protect themselves" (Nuanced approach to rising infections better than blanket curbs, July 25).

Surely the multi-ministry task force tackling Covid-19 recognises the impact that the latest phase two (heightened alert) restrictions has, not only on the livelihoods of those directly affected, but also the psychological, emotional and practical ramifications for those whose routines are now thrown into a constant state of turmoil.

Government leaders have acknowledged the pernicious effects these restrictions, or even the anticipation of them, have had on the mental well-being of residents here.

I cannot understand why such broad and unnecessarily harsh measures have been taken in response to the latest outbreaks, instead of the nuanced approach as articulated by Ms Khalik.

Having said that, I am heartened that the authorities recognise the urgency of inoculating the populace and are aggressively promoting vaccination against Covid-19.

Chee Siok Chin

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