Forum: Outdoor activities with safe measures to be allowed at student care centres if possible

We thank Ms Sue-Ann Tan for her feedback (Why halt outdoor activities at student care centres?, May 18).

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has been working with community-based student care centres (SCCs) to implement safe management measures in the Covid-19 situation.

In view of the evolving situation and the shift to phase two (heightened alert), parents who work from home or have alternative care arrangements are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home.

Under the phase two (heightened alert) measures, people are advised to limit their interactions in both external and internal environments.

All interactions and participation in activities are also required to be capped at two persons per group.

As outdoor activities in SCCs are typically based on larger groups, some community-based SCCs have shared that they are not able to continue outdoor activities based on the group size cap, given the limited number of staff they have.

Hence, MSF recently suspended outdoor activities for community-based SCCs. We have also encouraged all SCCs to improve the indoor air quality, such as through opening windows more frequently and using portable air cleaners.

Nevertheless, we will be revising the guidelines to allow SCCs that can cope to conduct outdoor activities for the children in small groups within the prevailing safe management group-size rules.

For more details on the safe management guidelines for community-based SCCs, please refer to the MSF SCC website at

Denise Low


Service Delivery and Coordination Division

Ministry of Social and Family Development

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