Forum: Other venues available for sports use by public when Turf City closes

We refer to the letter, “Other sports venues needed when Turf City closes” (Feb 24). We thank Mr Urs Brutsch for his feedback.

The Turf City site has been earmarked for residential development since the Master Plan 1998. In the interim, pending redevelopment, the site has been leased out for lifestyle and recreational uses since 1999, to optimise its use and serve the community’s needs.

In 2019, tenants at Turf City were informed that they will need to vacate the site as it will be redeveloped. Although the original tenancies expired in December 2020, tenants at Turf City were given two 18-month extensions, that is, ending on Dec 31, 2023. This provides ample time for tenants to make transition plans.

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and Sport Singapore have been working with agencies to make available such interim-use state land and properties for sports use by the public.

This includes the recent launch of sites in 10A Harding Road and 51 Jalan Bukit Merah for bidding. To date, several Turf City tenants have found new locations to operate from, including the new sites that have been launched.

Sport Singapore also enables Singaporeans to enjoy exercise and play sports at various public sports facilities across Singapore. This is provided for under the Sports Facilities Master Plan, which includes stadiums, swimming complexes, running tracks, fields, indoor and outdoor courts, gyms, and other facilities, along with the sports programmes provided by Sport Singapore.

In land-scarce Singapore where there are many competing uses to balance in order to meet the needs of all Singaporeans, these public sports facilities and programmes will complement private providers to ensure that Singaporeans can continue to exercise and play sports.

S. Parameswaran
Deputy Director, Strategic Communications and Public Relations
Sport Singapore

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