Forum: Other areas related to gambling that the law can target

Besides the Gambling Control Bill and Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Bill, there are three areas in which action could be taken to minimise the ill effects of gambling.

First, family members should be allowed to apply to bar their loved ones from cruise ships that have casinos. These ships have been giving people barred from the two local casinos and jackpot rooms a way to continue to satisfy their gambling addiction.

Second, while measures are being rolled out to minimise the ill effects of gambling, there are clubs affiliated with the Government or social enterprises - such as Safra clubs, civil service clubs and NTUC clubs - operating jackpot rooms. To be in line with the government initiatives, these clubs should cease their jackpot operations.

Third, the minimum age of 21 for casinos and jackpot rooms should also be applied to Singapore Pools, which allows those aged 18 and above to place bets.

Lee Yim May

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