Forum: Option of culling wild boars has been too readily dismissed

The number of wild boar incidents involving humans so far this year has raised concerns about personal safety near nature reserves as well as in Housing Board estates (More incidents in the last two months than whole of 2020, Feb 23).

The National Parks Board and nature activists have given advice on how to reduce, if not prevent, such attacks.

But it seems as though more emphasis has been given to the protection of wild boars than to protecting people, while those caught feeding the mammals have gotten off with a fine.

The option of culling wild boars to reduce the threat to public safety has been too quickly dismissed.

Well-meaning nature lovers have campaigned for areas to be set aside for wildlife protection in land-scarce Singapore, as well as for the enactment of legislation to protect wildlife.

Property owners, too, may also feel constrained from taking direct action when wild boars trespass on and damage property or injure people.

Timely action should not be deferred until it is clearly necessary.

I suggest targeted culling of adult wild boars, to reduce the wild boar reproduction rate.

What is obvious is that there has been an increased frequency of wild boar sightings outside of reserve areas, that their numbers have grown and that the risk of confrontation with humans is higher. There are too many of them for the nature reserve areas to sustain.

I would add these observations: Wild boars have no natural predators, and are not a threatened species.

Chia Ping Kheong

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