Forum: Onus on road users to be aware of dangers and use common spaces responsibly

The case of Mr Maung Maung Aung Soe Thu is a timely reminder, as commuting crowds return, that everyone who commutes in public spaces, whether as a pedestrian or road user, has a basic responsibility to be aware of the dangers to himself, as well as avoid being a danger to others (Cyclist injured in drain grating accident settles suit against PUB, Sept 8).

Cyclists who choose to cycle on the road instead of the pavement should do so with full cognisance of several factors, including the speed of motor vehicles, traffic laws to follow, and obstacles and potential hazards that may pose a threat.

As a cyclist who occasionally uses the road, I am always watching out for things like potholes, puddles and debris along the side of the road to which cyclists are supposed to keep.

If any of those require me to move out towards the centre of the road, and there is traffic coming from behind, then I need to slow down or stop to avoid both.

The grates are meant to prevent large pieces of debris from entering the drainage system, while still allowing water to drain quickly away to prevent flooding.

National water agency PUB has taken steps to prevent flooding while still providing adequate space for cyclists to manoeuvre their bicycles around the grating.

The onus therefore is on cyclists and all other road users to take whatever care is necessary to use the provided common spaces responsibly and safely.

Adam Reutens-Tan

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