Forum: Only non-monetary rewards can be offered as sculpture contest is organised by community volunteers

We refer to Mr Tan Litong's letter concerning the sculpture contest organised by the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Inter-religious Dialogue (Incentives should be given to recognise artists' efforts, April 28).

We appreciate his feedback and would like to make some clarifications.

The DialogueSpaceSG Interfaith Forum for Young Adults is a non-profit programme organised by a volunteer committee comprising young adults and professionals from the creative sector.

The sculpture contest, which is a part of the forum, reflects our aim to adopt a creative approach to promoting inter-faith dialogue.

And the first step towards dialogue is the gift of one's time and talents.

We agree that it is important to recognise the value and contributions of all participating designers.

As this is an activity organised by community volunteers, we can offer only non-monetary rewards, and this approach is not uncommon.

The winning designer is scheduled to speak at the upcoming inter-faith forum for young adults on May 23 regarding the artwork.

The winner's contribution will also be cited on the winning sculpture and a trophy will be presented when the sculpture is installed.

We are in the process of seeking donors for sponsorship and making arrangements for the construction of the sculpture.

We agree with Mr Tan on the importance of ensuring that this sculpture gets installed.

We are mindful that the costs of mock-ups can be onerous on the designer. Therefore, we do not require them to be of finished quality, and are just as happy to evaluate mock-ups made with simple materials such as cardboard.

We thank Mr Tan for his comment on the rights of use. We have since revised the terms and they will no longer be perpetual. Please refer to the competition website for the updated terms.

We encourage Mr Tan to reach out to us if there is a need for further clarification.

Michael Leong

Organising Committee for DialogueSpaceSG Sculpture Design Competition

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