Forum: One-time enrolment to use Medisave for polyclinic payments

We thank Mr Cheng Choon Fei for his feedback to improve the payment process at Tampines Polyclinic (Medisave: Long queue for seniors at polyclinic to make payment, Nov 10).

Our polyclinics have alternative payment methods for the convenience of patients. Patients can make their payment via the self-service kiosk, online Mobile Pay on our Health Buddy App, or Speed Pay (Giro).

For payments utilising Medisave, patients will only need to approach our payment counters for a one-time enrolment to authorise the usage of their Medisave funds, to prevent any unauthorised access and withdrawal of the funds.

After enrolment of the patient's Medisave account, the patient can pay at the counters or kiosks, or pay remotely via Mobile Pay through the Health Buddy App.

Thereafter, patients can inform our payment counter staff about their intention to use Medisave, as well as update the Medisave authorisation details when necessary, during their subsequent visits to the clinic.

Tampines Polyclinic has a queue line system in place to facilitate the payment process at the counters. Patients who require mobility assistance may also approach our staff for help.

To reduce waiting time in the clinics, patients may sign up for Speed Pay so that they can skip the payment queues for future visits.

Speed Pay is a seamless payment method that allows patients to pay their medical bills via Giro. It also facilitates the utilisation of Medisave as long as there are no changes to the authorisation details after enrolment of the Medisave account.

We assure Mr Cheng that we are constantly reviewing our payment procedures to improve patients' experience in our polyclinics. As we are unable to reach Mr Cheng directly, we invite him to contact us at if he has any further concerns.

Lucas Goh

Deputy Director, Clinic Operations

SingHealth Polyclinics

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