Forum: On Facebook: Wild boars

What can be done to prevent incidents like the recent one of a wild boar injuring a woman?

Wildlife roaming near human habitats poses a safety hazard. Our homes and spaces should not be habitats for wildlife. Living in close proximity to wildlife will definitely lead to dangerous conflicts.
MC Lee

Since wild boars have no natural enemies here and hunting them is not allowed, this problem will get much worse in the coming months and years.
Ryan Cooper

To prevent incidents of animals injuring humans, fencing should be installed around the perimeter of parks so that wild boars, for example, do not get close to people and injure them. Higher fines should be imposed on those who feed wild animals despite the advisories.
Kevin Tan

The problem is us, not them. We are encroaching on their habitat. That's the reason. We are at fault.
Jasmine Lim

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