Forum: On Facebook: Parent care leave and digital divide

Should paid parent-care leave be extended to all Singaporeans?

So many different kinds of leave. Employers will begin to ask if an applicant is an orphan, single, or if married, whether there is intention/ability to have children. Or, better still, hire foreigners because their parents won't be here.

Margaret Chong

The population is getting older and to those who are against it, wait till it's your turn to get old and weak, then you will appreciate that your kid has spare time to accompany you for medical appointments.

Rachel Lim

Would a "digital bridge" office help close the digital skills gap of seniors?

Eligibility criteria for participation in various co-curricular activities (CCAs) should be clearly made known to parents. Certain CCAs will inevitably be more popular, where demand exceeds supply. Admission should be based solely on meeting these criteria.

Au Kah Kay

Every school is afforded the resources to offer a quality education, but not all schools may have the same sporting facilities and resources to offer certain CCAs. The difference in school fees between independent schools and government schools should tell one something.

Amy Kok