Forum: On Facebook: Orchard Road retail scene

We can definitely do with a much wider variety of brands and types of stores to cater to different interests. Prices can also be more affordable. All shopping centres and buildings in Orchard Road should be connected underground to help boost connectivity.

Kevin Tan

Allow pushcarts. Buskers. Pop up stations. Places to sit under the shade. Do field studies in, say, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Australia... where there are hidden cafes along alleyways, art shops, hidden gems. And don't make things all clean and orderly.

Brenden Allan

Support small businesses. Enough with the BreadTalks and Wing Tai G2000s and all the same-same, gentrified F&B conglomerates already in the heartland malls. We need the infrastructure to give small local ideas and creatives a chance to grow.

Dare Chia

Open-air market, farmers' market, themed market. Bring the shopping outside and dining inside since it's too hot to dine outside anyway. I get lazy going into and up a mall to look for things but if they were outside, and I see them when walking to the MRT station, I might stop and buy something.

Tirzah Lembayung Fecher

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