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Should more be done to ensure that maids are given sufficient and nutritious food?

Irrespective of whether they are maids, friends, relatives, guests or just strangers having a meal with the family, should we be offering them only a bowl of rice and some sauce?

Tan Pin Ho

I have heard too many stories of long working hours, and eating food limited to only instant noodles or plain rice without any other ingredients, vegetables or fruits.

Catherine Lo

Just see the helper as part of the family, share and eat. My house rule is that everybody eats the same food, be it cooked or bought. And my helper shares tidbits and keropok with my children.

Aziz Ahmad

I remember how my employer's neighbour's maid was given only $2 a day for food, and was even told she was lucky to be given food at all.

Marga G. Margaux

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