Forum: On Facebook: Loot boxes in video games

Do children need more protection from loot boxes in video games?

I don't think it's necessary for children to have more protection against loot boxes. The main issue is parents giving their child too much freedom by, for example, handing the child their credit card.

Fredrick Pang Ty

I think even adults need to be protected from Gacha games.

Gaming companies advertise their game as free-to-play, but in reality the games contain many systems to induce customers to spend a lot of money.

It is time to curb such predatory practices.

Goh Fredrick

If Gacha games are considered gambling, then what about capsule machines and crane games, which operate on similar mechanics? Gacha games help to cultivate a sense of saving. You want to open boxes from a limited-time banner, then you better save up.

Epic YiHong

It is the parents who need to be taught how to protect their own money and credit card from their children.

Vint Lee

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