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Should statutory boards run town councils instead of political parties?

Having political parties run a town council is a better model as they can better shape the services and environment to meet the residents' needs. If a statutory board runs the town council, there will be a lot of standardisation across the various town councils and that is not ideal.

Koo Guan Heng

I thought the reason that town councils are run by a political party is to show how good the party is... that is, if one cannot run a town council, then how can one run a country?

Georgina Tan

Having a statutory board run a town council would result in better and sustainable service. More latitude for utilisation of resources with economies of scale.

Keng Hui Ong

Regardless of which agency is managing the estate, the staff must work efficiently to maintain HDB estates in good condition.

Chris Kris

Public housing should never be politicised in the first place. No matter if you're living in an opposition ward or PAP (People's Action Party) ward. Essential upgrading or maintenance works shouldn't be used as pawns during elections.

Deniece Aw

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