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Would making people pay for disposable bags reduce the demand for them?

Everything has gone up in price. What is another five cents added to the sum? Convenience is what matters. It's so cumbersome to carry a reusable bag with you wherever you go, especially on the way back from work.

Wang Toon Joon

When you charge too little, Singaporeans don't feel the pinch. How about not providing bags at all? Then people are forced to bring their own.

Ah Keng Lim

The whole point of this is that when you go to a supermarket, you tend to take and use a lot of bags because they are free. But when you have to start buying your bags, then you might think twice about taking too many.

Nicholas Russell

People will get used to it eventually. It's harder to get people to change their lifestyle and sacrifice convenience than to ask them to pay.

Johnny Walter

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