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Does the practice of reading a patron's personal information out loud while verifying his identity pose a privacy risk?

I do feel uncomfortable having to tell counter staff my mobile number, especially now that we are wearing a mask and have to speak louder.

LY Lee

I completely agree, and often have to tell staff to read it quietly.

Anastasia WS

I used to go to a very small private clinic nearby. The doctor is good and nice, but the receptionist would read out your phone number and address loudly and ask if they remained unchanged. I really cringed at the exchange. So now I don't go to that clinic any more.

Sun Sun Kwok

Yes, the information should be strictly confidential. You don't have to read it out loud when asking for a patron's personal information; it's not a good practice. I've been there before.

Pillow Wan

At medical clinics, where hundreds of patients are waiting in line, some patients' names, male and female, sound almost the same. So it is better to call out the full name with the appropriate prefix (such as Mr, Madam or Dr) loudly and clearly. Other particulars can be given or checked in private.

John Tang

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