Forum: On Facebook

Communication on social media should be as calibrated as face-to-face communication. Do you agree?

No rules doesn't mean you can say whatever you want.

Hui Ling Huang

Our society has become more divisive.

GW Xyey PG

I am not sure it is completely achievable. Guess we have to learn to navigate this landscape. Then again, (people) can get into legal trouble with their views, not just in Singapore.

John Yap

A lot of (Singapore) commenters are as toxic as the most toxic K-pop fans. They think they don't need to be accountable for what they say. One better not get in the news for the wrong reason, they will bring you down together with the ones around you. And there is only one correct narrative - their narrative.

John Dwayneson

That's what the Internet is for, there are no rules for everyone. If you can't take the heat, just leave.

Hans Han

People who use social media should develop thicker skin. If your skin is too thin, then you can't handle social media.

Frank Young

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