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Do you think that in a technology-driven world, young Singaporeans need to work smarter and not just harder?

It does not matter whether you work hard or smart. What is important is that deliverables are achieved.

Ng Chek Hock

The education system needs to change - be more collaborative instead of top-down, be cross-curricula and have higher engagement.

Satwinder Kaur

Are there better ways for banks to verify their clients' personal details when they call them? What could be some of these?

Use AI voice recognition and OTPs (one-time passwords) sent via SMS.

Muhammad Zhafran

In case of doubt, the customer should call the bank manager to verify the relationship.

George Varughese

Actually, this is already solved. Bank gives you a call. Get them to send you a verification code to your designated mobile number. You can comfortably do a personal verification with them next.

Jasmine Lim

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