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Should employers hire based on skills rather than education?

I started working as a doctor in Singapore in 2006. The medical assistants wore different coloured jackets depending on their "grade". I liked the personality and work skills of one of the assistants and spoke with administration about assigning her to work for me. I was told she was "only a pink jacket" who had done "two O levels and two N levels" and so she would not be appropriate. I convinced them to have her assigned to me and she worked with me for the next 15 years. Her personality, efficiency, commitment, willingness to learn new things were all that mattered.

Roby Marcou

You need a combination of the right attributes to be classified as a good and desirable employee: Education is the basic requirement, character, relevant skills training and level of experience. The lack of one of these will confine an employee to a certain level in his career. At best he can be a good assistant.

Leong Hock Seng

Good skills and commitment to success are more difficult to cultivate, if one is lazy with excellent academic results.

Seow Han Chye

It does not apply to professional jobs like lawyer, doctor, accountant and engineer - the candidate must have the necessary paper qualifications to be eligible.

Au Kah Kay

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