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Should taxi and private-hire drivers be required to wind down the windows if a customer asks for it?

I had a passenger who was coughing very seriously. So I informed the passenger that I was going to wind down the window on the driver's side. The next day, my rating on the app dropped. I was very disappointed.

Richard Tou

Drivers should wind down their windows if they want to take a breather, and be willing to wind down the windows if a passenger requests it.

During these Covid-19 times, I hope drivers and passengers can be more understanding to prevent the spread of the virus.

Qqing Koh

Maybe passengers can put in an additional request before booking the ride and say whether they prefer the windows down or up.

GW Xyey PG

Winding down the windows fully would mean a dusty, noisy, hot and uncomfortable ride.

Keeping them wound up prevents this, but then there is the issue of Covid-19. To mitigate the risk, keep masks on and don't talk to other passengers or the driver during the ride.

Harry Chia

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