Forum: Offer and display clearly a no-frills, no-discount retail price for petrol

With the ever-increasing prices of petrol in recent months, drivers and businesses are feeling the pinch.

At petrol stations, drivers often get discounts, depending on the grade of petrol bought, the credit card used and loyalty point membership held, among other factors.

It seems like there is room for a substantial discount to be built into the retail price of petrol in Singapore.

This also means drivers might pay different prices for the same petrol, making it difficult to compare prices across the various stations.

During this time of fuel price surges, I hope regulators can mandate that petrol station operators offer a basic no-frills price for at least the standard grade 95-octane petrol. This price should be clearly displayed at each station and not be subject to any discounts or rebate points.

This would allow customers to have a clear choice when deciding where to fill up, especially those who make ad-hoc fuel purchases or do not own credit cards.

Chan Zee Hong

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