Forum: Nurses in small private nursing homes, other healthcare workers need morale booster too

We are heartened that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has recognised the challenging work and sacrifices made by nurses. We agree that nurses in the private nursing home sector are working very hard and have made sacrifices too (Extend special pay package to non-publicly funded nurses too, Aug 3).

We are a group of small private nursing homes, some of which have been around since 1983.

Some foreign nurses in our nursing homes have not returned to their loved ones for more than two years just to stay here and fight the pandemic. They too deserve some form of recognition, and the Nurse Special Payment package would be a good start.

Local nurses working in non-government funded nursing homes have also contributed to the care of the elderly here.

Nurses in small private nursing homes also face limited resources and funding compared with the bigger homes.

Fortunately, the Agency for Integrated Care has provided tremendous support to nursing homes in Singapore during these trying times. It too deserves recognition.

The Nurse Special Payment should be a morale booster not just for public-funded nurses but also for those working in private nursing homes and non-public funded homes, including other healthcare workers who deserve just as much recognition.

Irene Ong

Home Administrator

Serene Nursing Home

Irene Nursing Home

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