Forum: Number of imported Covid-19 cases a reminder that we are not safe yet

I disagree that the number of imported cases here should be discounted (Don't include imported cases in total tally, by Mr Sunil Kumar Ragnath, Nov 13).

Singapore's first Covid-19 case earlier this year was an imported case. The number of local infection cases then multiplied over the next few months before stabilising today.

Like-minded countries throughout the world would have witnessed the successful containment of the local infection cases here in Singapore. Hence there is no reason why Singaporeans will be barred from travelling to countries which are keen to open their borders.

In fact, Australia has already signalled that it could soon open its borders to Singapore and other nations which have successfully suppressed infection rates.

The daily tally of imported cases is a stark reminder that we are not permanently safe till everyone is safe globally.

Members of the community here must also continue to play their part in being socially responsible by maintaining social distancing and wearing a face mask when in public.

Damian Ng Swee Beng

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