Forum: Notice of parking offence issued after witness sent photo evidence, case was investigated

We refer to Mr Peter Khaw's letter "Parking offence notice issued after 9 weeks, extra offence added later" (Nov 15).

Based on a witness report filed with the police by a member of the public, Mr Khaw was issued a Notice of Parking Offence on Oct 14 which stated that he had infringed Rule 12(1) of the Parking Places Rules - that is, failure to obey signs exhibited in a parking place.

Mr Khaw had stopped his vehicle in a yellow box and crossed the continuous double white lines at the driveway of a car park. The notice was issued several weeks from the date of offence, after photo evidence was submitted by the witness and the case investigated.

Further to Mr Khaw's appeal, on Nov 11, we explained what the summons had been issued for. There was no alteration made to the notice.

In view of the seriousness of the offence, we have informed Mr Khaw that we are unable to waive the fine. Stopping his vehicle in that manner endangered the safety of other carpark users as it caused obstruction which could have resulted in accidents.

Following the publication of his Forum letter, we contacted Mr Khaw again to clarify the matter. We would like to remind all motorists to adhere to proper driving and parking rules, to create a safer and more pleasant living environment for everyone.

Marie Lim

Director (Carparks)

Housing and Development Board

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