Forum: Not all landlords are equal, and neither are tenants

I refer to the recent announcement from the Government regarding another round of rental relief (Commercial landlords to be required to match rental support for tenants, July 27).

As a small landlord, I hope the Government can provide a fair and just approach instead of imposing a blanket mandatory order like before.

Not all landlords are equal. Small landlords are always at the mercy of tenants.

Big landlords may have a rent structure that benefits from revenue sharing when their tenants' business is good.

Not all tenants are equal. Some retailers have not suffered a loss in revenue during the pandemic. My tenant in the audio equipment business actually enjoyed better sales.

The government order allowing all retailers to defer rent payment let my tenant use the money from sales to purchase more equipment to sell.

My former tenant has not paid rent that has been due since February last year, yet he was able to fork out a deposit and rent another unit within the same building. I will have to sue him to collect the overdue rent.

If I have a good tenant, I will help my tenant because at the end of the day, his survival will affect me.

Unfortunately, there are some bad tenants which the Government has inadvertently protected.

This is affecting the survival of small landlords, who have loans and fees to pay.

Where is the protection for small landlords who need help? There is no Small Landlords Association to protect us.

I hope the Government will not intervene where it does not have a good understanding of the situation.

Denise Chee