Forum: No one-size-fits-all solution for helping seniors navigate online banking services

I thank Ms Gan Boey Keow for highlighting in her letter the plight of many seniors who have had to wait hours to have their banking needs attended to (Long queues due to fewer manned branches, Aug 23).

I find that DBS Bank's reply (Staff present at self-service bank branches to guide customers, Aug 29) did not suggest effective solutions.

Saying that most of the popular transactions over the counter can now be done online or at more than 1,300 self-service machines available 24/7 is not helpful for the seniors who do not know how to use the machines. The staff present also cannot stop the long queues from forming.

Though many transactions, including opening an account, can now be done via Internet banking or self-service machines, certain groups of people may need some hand-holding.

DBS should study the ability profile of customers and their banking needs, and implement appropriate solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

There are seniors with no ability to do online banking on their own, as well as those with special needs. They should be given a special queue number to be served in person.

Then there are those who can be taught on the spot how to use Internet banking or a self-service machine. Some hand-holding by DBS staff will be needed to show them how. Perhaps customers could also be given a printed guide to try out these steps on their own at home.

There are also people who, though capable of online banking, prefer a face-to-face interaction - they should be required to queue.

I hope that banks will consider my suggestions, and that the Monetary Authority of Singapore will steer banks in the right direction.

Seah Guan Hai

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