Forum: No hassle getting discount on dad's groceries at FairPrice

My 82-year-old father has limited mobility and my sister buys his groceries for him.

She used to show his Pioneer Generation (PG) card at the check-out to enjoy some discount on the items purchased.

Recently, she was told that she needed to show a Seniors Discount Card (SDC) if she wanted to continue getting the discount without my father present.

We downloaded the application form and submitted the documents to prove my father's medical condition.

About two weeks later, the SDC was mailed to my sister. The letter mentioned that she needs to show his SDC, his PG card and his identity card (IC) at the check-out.

She spoke to Ms Joanne See from FairPrice Group's customer service team and explained that it was not ideal to carry my father's IC every time she buys groceries for him.

Ms See agreed and said that showing his SDC and PG card at the check-out would do.

When my sister next went to the supermarket, she was able to get the discount without hassle after showing only the two cards.

My family thanks Ms See for her understanding, patience and excellent service attitude.

Lim Lih Mei

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