Forum: No electricity bills from retailer for four months, and no rebates applied

I am writing to highlight the apparent lack of coordination between SP Group and third-party electricity retailers in the Open Electricity Market.

I am a subscriber to one of the biggest retailers, Geneco.

I was dismayed to find that Geneco has not been sending me my electricity bills for the last four months, from last November to February this year.

Though I have been chasing Geneco, its repeated response has been that these bills have not been generated yet. This is very frustrating.

Based on SP Group's bills for the past four months, my U-Save rebates have accumulated to more than $300.

No U-Save rebates were used to offset the Geneco electricity bills.

I have written to the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and highlighted the billing issues.

So far, I have yet to receive any solutions from SP Group, Geneco and EMA.

Alfred Yeo Chi Jin