Forum: Pilot scheme to reopen nightlife joints may not be enough to save industry

While some nightlife establishments will reopen as part of a pilot programme, there are many other nightlife businesses suffering (Pilot scheme to let nightlife joints reopen, Nov 7).

Those that want to pivot to food and beverage (F&B) or be turned into gyms can apply for a grant of up to $50,000 from Enterprise Singapore until March 31 next year.

But is this enough? Many businesses have exited the market, and smaller enterprises that do not have F&B licences are still losing money unless they choose to exit the industry and receive a one-off payment. What more can be done to save this industry, which has brought economic and social benefits to Singapore?

The pilot programme may give the businesses a boost, but the effectiveness might be limited as the restrictions imposed could affect consumer spending.

Will this pilot programme really be beneficial? Will consumers support such measures so much that enterprises earn profits?

Lim Li En, 19

Year 1 undergraduate

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