Forum: New smart flats a good way to foster greener lifestyle

It is encouraging to see concrete steps being taken towards fulfilling Singapore's goal of becoming a smart city (First batch of HDB smart homes ready in Punggol, Oct 10).

Having smart-enabled homes is so much more than just a novelty. It empowers the community and gives us the ability to better tackle issues plaguing our environment.

It provides the tools to combat issues that we often find ourselves ranked poorly for, like household waste management and saving water or electricity.

Now that we are moving towards equipping ourselves with the technology, the community needs to put in more work towards making full use of it. I hope that the smart-enabled Housing Board flats in Punggol Northshore will have some schemes or programmes to encourage households to monitor their waste, recycle more, as well as become more conscious of their use of utilities. Such schemes could be experimented with on these new blocks before being extended nationwide.

Change is never easy, but we have to start somewhere.

Jordan Leong Wei