Forum: New processes needed to deal with bad neighbours

With the resurgence of reports about cases of inconsiderate behaviour from neighbours, one wonders if a more effective process could be implemented so that innocent parties need not continue to endure or suffer in silence or helplessness.

We hear stories of the police claiming that the nature of a reported case is not within their jurisdiction. We also hear of cases where information is not readily available that could strengthen one's complaint.

There are also times when the response from a town council is delayed for months due to manpower or other reasons.

Perhaps it is time to set up an online platform for any victimised household to submit its grievances and the relevant parties responsible for addressing the grievances to react or respond within a stipulated time.

In the event that the submitted case is not justified, the relevant departments may arrange for both households to undergo compulsory counselling or mediation.

To start off, HDB may invite residents to submit the hellish actions or inconsiderate behaviour they have personally experienced or witnessed.

HDB can then categorise the violations according to the gravity of the acts.

Penalties and punishment for persistent inconsiderate behaviours could be listed so that guilty parties are aware of the consequences.

Inconsiderate neighbours should not get away with their uncivic behaviour and victimised households should not have to continue to suffer constant harassment and imposition just because of loopholes in reporting procedures.

We all look forward to harmonious living but effective and timely help should be provided if the living environment is threatened.

Christony Lau Pet Keong