Forum: New online accounts needed just to sell remaining shares

I agree with Ms Elaine Soong Siew Kim that digitalisation does not always cater to the needs of the elderly (Dad had hard time submitting particulars to police, Feb 1).

My father, who is in his mid-80s, has not actively traded shares for a long time. He currently only receives dividends from his remaining shareholdings which are credited directly to his savings account.

Recently, he wanted to sell off his remaining shares and close his account with the Central Depository (CDP).

When I inquired with the CDP on the procedures for this, I was told that he would need to go through a broker to sell off his remaining shares before closing his account.

When I asked a broker, I was told my father would need to open both an online trading account and Internet banking facilities before he could sell off his shares.

Why require the opening of new online accounts just to close a CDP account, especially if it involves a person in his 80s?

I highlighted this situation to the brokerage firm, but it was unable to offer an alternative to address this situation.

A Smart Nation should be able to propose solutions that consider citizens' unique circumstances. It should have the creativity to offer alternatives when digital procedures become a hindrance to the elderly.

Cecilia Nathen

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