Forum: Need to step up enforcement action on e-commerce platforms to ensure safety compliance

I support Mr Shikharesh Das' observations that the compliance of imported goods with safety regulations has been sporadic at best (Work on safety compliance of items sold online, Feb 18).

I hope action can be taken to ensure that the products Singaporeans buy from local e-commerce platforms are as safe as those sold at physical stores.

Do the foreign electrical products sold on platforms like Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10 come with any checks by the Singapore authorities?

As these companies are registered in Singapore and their main target customers are Singaporean, they should adhere to the local safety standards.

The Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations require 33 categories of household products to be registered with Enterprise Singapore.

These controlled goods need to be tested to ensure they meet safety standards and are affixed with the Safety Mark before they can be sold in Singapore.

E-commerce platforms need to ensure the products they sell to customers here are tested and affixed with the Safety Mark.

If the electrical items are for markets outside Singapore, they should restrict Singaporean customers from buying them.

Paul Nah Soon Heng