Forum: Navy Museum revamp a chance to display Challenger-class submarine

I am sure Singaporeans are excited about Singapore's Navy Museum undergoing a revamp (Navy Museum to get a makeover, Oct 4).

I suggest it put on display one of Singapore's Challenger-class line of submarines which are due for decommissioning.

The Challenger-class submarines were Singapore's first underwater attack craft procured between 1995 and 1997 which will soon be replaced by the new Invincible-class submarines ordered from Germany. The submarines, in their earlier years, served as training platforms for the nation's submarine expertise.

They have undergone various modifications to suit tropical waters and operational conditions.

Submarines are expensive and effective stealth deterrence and attacking machines. They always bring a feeling of awe among military enthusiasts.

There must be good stories to tell about how Singapore's navy has continually evolved and the lessons learnt from these assets. Getting a chance to see how the crew live and work in the hull will be a highlight for many museum visitors.

Roy Goh

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